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Marvellex System

Marvellex Blockchain is fork of Ethereum blockchain and smart contract of Marvellex is capable of running all different kinds of applications on Marvellex Blockchain such as crypto tokens, games, payment and IT projects , etc. whereas Marvellex Eco System have two coins as follows : MARVELLEX CLASSIC & MARVELLEX GOLD.

Marvellex Blockchain & Ecosystem

Official Statements & Updates

Our vision encompasses the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem that revolves around the secure, efficient, and economical creation and exchange of value. This ecosystem will be powered by the remarkable capabilities of scalable blockchain technology. By leveraging this technology, we aim to provide a platform where individuals and businesses can confidently engage in value creation and seamless transactions while enjoying enhanced security, streamlined processes, and cost-effective solutions.

We are delighted to inform you that our promotion, offering free MLXC upon downloading the wallet, has successfully concluded. The allocated coins have been distributed, and we are excited to announce that the rewards will be sent to you through a balloting process in the next few days. Furthermore, we are pleased to share that a new promotion, featuring even more attractive offers, will be launched soon. Thank you for your support and participation. We appreciate your patience as we prepare to send out the rewards and eagerly anticipate your continued engagement with our upcoming promotions.

MLXC officialy listed on Lbank on April 6,2023. Please check out now to below:

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MLXC officialy listed on Bitmart on Feb 22, 2023. Please check out now to below

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MLXC officialy listed on MEXC on May 14, 2023. Please check out now to below

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Marvellex Coin (MLXC) soon will be listed on CoinGecko.