Marvellex Frozen.

Marketplace to exchange MLXC-FRZN token to MLXC.

How to Use



To convert your MLXC-FRZN tokens into MLXC, begin by accessing the form below. In this form, you'll enter the wallet address to check your balance of MLXF (FROZEN)


If your balance is eligible for conversion, you will be able to proceed by filling out the exchange form. This form will facilitate the process of converting your existing balance of MLXF into desired MLXC.


Kindly input the quantity of MLXF you wish to transform into MLXC. To complete your order, click the exchange button followed by the notify button. Your MLXF (FROZEN) will be converted to MLXC within a period of 7 working days.


when you transfer the coins then press notify button untill you can not see successful transfer notification


If you encounter any issues during the transaction, please click here. Our technical team will contact you as soon as possible.

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